Runtime Configuration Client#

Client for interacting with the Google Cloud RuntimeConfig API.

class, credentials=None, _http=None)[source]#


Client to bundle configuration needed for API requests.

  • project (str) – (Optional) The project which the client acts on behalf of. If not passed, falls back to the default inferred from the environment.
  • credentials (Credentials) – (Optional) The OAuth2 Credentials to use for this client. If not passed (and if no _http object is passed), falls back to the default inferred from the environment.
  • _http (Session) – (Optional) HTTP object to make requests. Can be any object that defines request() with the same interface as requests.Session.request(). If not passed, an _http object is created that is bound to the credentials for the current object. This parameter should be considered private, and could change in the future.
SCOPE = ('',)#

The scopes required for authenticating as a RuntimeConfig consumer.


Factory constructor for config object.


This will not make an HTTP request; it simply instantiates a config object owned by this client.

Parameters:config_name (str) – The name of the config to be instantiated.
Returns:The config object created.